DBGate Samples


DBGate allows creating corporate web applications.

It includes an ASP.NET Core 3.1 server-side part that creates REST services reading database metadata.

Database developers may customize services using special configuration tables like xls.handlers and xls.translations.

Also, DBGate includes a JavaScript client-side part that allows getting and updating data via REST API.
So, database developers can create corporate web applications for existing databases in a couple of hours.

All the samples below use the database-side configurations except for CSS styles in several samples.

You may download these samples for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and other platforms with the SaveToDB SDK.

Sample 01 - Basic Features

This sample shows basic features available with zero configuration.

You may load data from tables, views, and stored procedures, and save data changes back to a database.

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Sample 02 - Advanced Features

This sample shows the advanced features used to build corporate applications.

For example, try dynamic parameter values and filtered drop-down lists, conditional formatting, and UI and data translation.

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Sample 04 - Order Form

This sample shows how to embed DBGate forms and use formulas like =[@amount]*[@price].

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Sample 16 - Symbol Lists

This sample shows how to create forms to work with many-to-many relations.

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Sample 17 - Budget Request

This sample shows how to create multi-dimensional input forms with calculated totals and conditional formatting.

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Sample 20 - Cube App

This sample shows how to create forms using the PIVOT operator or JSON output.

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Gartle Budgeting

Gartle Budgeting is a commercial ready-to-use budgeting application with the accounting module.

The primary client is Microsoft Excel. However, it works in DBGate as well.

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Gartle Planning

Gartle Planning is a commercial ready-to-use planning application.

The primary client is Microsoft Excel. However, it works in DBGate as well.

Full Article | Request 101 | Request 201 | Request 301 | Request 401 | Accounts*Times | Accounts*Entities


The examples above use logins with given passwords for demo purposes.

You may try any sample using the following logins with a common password: Usr_2011#_Xls4168

To reset the login, close the browser and open the page once again.

AzureDemo90sample01_user1, sample02_user3, sample04_user1, sample16_user1, sample17_user1, sample20_user1
gPlanningApppa_analyst_01, pa_admin_01, pa_user_01
gBudgetingAppba_analyst_01, ba_accountant_01, ba_admin_01, ba_user_101, ba_user_201, ba_user_301, ba_user_401